Taco Software announced Taco HTML Edit 2.6

Taco Software released Taco HTML Edit 2.6, the latest edition of its popular HTML and PHP editor for Mac OS X. Taco HTML Edit 2.6 includes a revamped interface for Code Clips, which provide a convenient way to access frequently used text segments. Code Clips can now be organized into groups, and can be accessed through customizable keyboard shortcuts and through the Code Completion panel. Taco HTML Edit now allows Code Clips to include a Selection Placeholder, indicating where selected text goes when a clip is inserted into a document.

The Component Library was introduced in Taco HTML Edit 2.5 and was met with an extremely enthusiastic response from users. The Component Library allows you to select one of 22 components, customize it, and insert it into an HTML document. From Slideshows to Pie Charts, from Accordion Controls to Scrollable Tables, the Component Library has the widgets that web designers have often wanted to add to web pages, but until now have been very encumbering. The Component Library revolutionizes how web designers create web pages.

Taco HTML Edit 2.6 adds two new components to the Component Library: Image Map and Inset Drop Shadow. Image Map allows for easy creation of HTML image maps using drag-and-drop, while Inset Drop Shadow provides a stunning drop shadow effect that allows content to appear behind the web page foreground. Many components now have a tabular layout for lists of items which allows items to be rearranged, so for example, slides in the Slideshow component can now be reordered simply. Also, file drag-and-drop is now supported for selecting files for various components.

Taco HTML Edit 2.6 has many other new features, including an "Open With…" menu in projects, SHTML support for Preview and Live Preview, and enhanced line numbering and Code Completion.

Pricing and Availability:
Taco HTML Edit 2 costs $24.95 (USD) per license, and can be downloaded from Taco Software’s web site. Taco HTML Edit requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. A free, 30-day trial is available.


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