Mach Xtreme Technology announced MX-DS Series range of SSD

Mach Xtreme Technology has decided to offer a range of storage devices type SSD.

Dubbed MX DS Series, this range of SSD (Solid State Drive) consists of three models with 2.5-inch internal capacity 50, 100 and 200 GB.

Designed from a memory controller SandForce SF-1222 and MLC flash memory type (Multiple Level Cell, 3 bits per cell, 10 000 write cycles per cell) can take advantage of the SATA II interface and display transfer rate ceiling to 250 MB / s read and 230MB / s write.

They also announced the support of the TRIM technology in the operating system Windows 7 ( see page on Wikipedia ), a consumption of 2.3 watts in operation, a consumption of 0.5 watts in standby and a lifetime of 1 5 million hours.


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