Avira 2010 versions is now available

Avira has announced the availability of 2010 versions of its security solutions for the general public with the menu of new features and improvements.

The German software publisher Avira has announced the availability of the 2010 versions of its security solutions for the general public.

They are for point number three with Free AntiVir free solution (solution antivirus / antispyware base) the solution pay AntiVir Premium (solution antivirus / antispyware more complete) and the solution Pay Premium Security Suite (complete solution integrating more control parental, firewall and spam filter).

We can begin by quoting the changes and additions common to all versions with simplified installation is done in five clicks of a mouse, the redesign of the GUI and integration of new technology that allows Generic Repair to repair the damage caused by an infection.

It then notes the new features and improvements that benefit only the solutions AntiVir Premium and Premium Security Suite with integrated sensing module of AntiVir Threats ProActiv based on behavioral analysis for both optimization and parental control for the second.

If the English and German versions are already available, it will wait until next May to get one in French.

For those interested, you can consult the test of the 2009 version of the free version of Antivir by ourselves through a comparison of the best free antivirus for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.


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