Beta Release of iPhone Apps Development Platform From MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy Incorporated, a leading worldwide
provider of business intelligence software, today announced that it
will offer a mobile application platform for developing and deploying
iPhone Apps.

MicroStrategy Mobile for iPhone offers a new way to develop and
deploy iPhone Apps that is faster, easier, and more maintainable than
using traditional Integrated Development Environments. MicroStrategy
Mobile for iPhone offers the following benefits:

— Reduces the time to develop new iPhone Apps — MicroStrategy’s mobile app platform includes the infrastructure needed to support each new iPhone App, so application developers only need to focus on creating the user experience and not on the back-end infrastructure.
— Easy for non-developers to create professional iPhone Apps — MicroStrategy’s iPhone applications do not require any coding. Using MicroStrategy’s mobile app platform, iPhone Apps are assembled in a point-and-click fashion. App creators can choose from an array of finely-designed, iPhone-optimized displays and controls.
— Easy for companies to rapidly deploy iPhone App updates — MicroStrategy’s mobile app platform uses an on-demand form of application deployment called "in-stream" deployment. As soon as new or updated applications are ready, they are instantly available to iPhone users directly from MicroStrategy’s mobile app platform.

"Utilizing platforms that can easily assemble applications on mobile
computing environments like Apple iPhone is the wave of the future,"
said Mark Smith, CEO and EVP Research, Ventana Research.
"MicroStrategy’s release of its new platform and capabilities will not
only help to deliver world-class BI to Apple iPhone, but also make the
assembly and publishing of a broader set of information-class
applications much simpler to accomplish."

Mobile BI applications represent a new breed of business applications
that are simple-to-use, highly focused, and available whenever and
wherever business is conducted. Business people no longer need to delay
decision-making due to a lack of information or delay executing a
transaction simply because they are away from their desks. Mobile
applications delivered through smartphones such as the iPhone have the
potential to revolutionize business processes across every industry.

For example, mobile BI applications can:

— Provide executives with real-time performance information 24 hours a day
— Enable claims adjusters to complete claims immediately on site
— Empower sales associates to offer discounts and cross-sell recommendations at the moment of the sale
— Provide regional managers the ability to manage their stores, restaurants, bank branches, and other retail outlets
— Deliver management information and guidance to franchise owners
— Give plant managers up-to-the-minute data on plant operations
— Allow inventory managers to reorder stock while managing the warehouse floor
— Provide health care professionals with immediate access to patient test results

"MicroStrategy’s new mobile app platform will allow us to develop the
vast majority of our iPhone Apps without coding," said Terry Adams,
Senior Director at Herbalife. "MicroStrategy’s platform approach to
mobile application development will allow us to develop a series of
business apps for the iPhone quickly and with less effort than building
them from scratch using the Apple SDK."

"MicroStrategy’s many years of experience in providing scalable,
enterprise-class platform technology enables us to deliver a mobile
application platform that is both industrial-strength and highly
flexible," said Sanju Bansal, MicroStrategy COO. "Our new mobile app
platform gives companies the flexibility to create a broad array of
intuitive business applications that seamlessly access back-end
databases and systems, and delivers the same high performance and ease
of management and administration that is expected from MicroStrategy."



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