Nintendo and Google developing a Wii game

Nintendo and Google come to together to develop a Wii game dedicated to the public, based on Internet searches.

Nintendo based much of his interest to the general public, developing and editing productions Wii and DS specifically dedicated to casual gamers. This time, the manufacturer Nippon account brewing a wider audience as well as developing a production called Ando Kensaku (sometimes called Kensa X).

The title will be developed in partnership with Google, so the essence of gameplay based around Internet searches. Playable up to four online and through 14 different rules, the software fixes his lens on the search for the most relevant keyword (among the 10,000 included in the DVD) to generate the maximum response in the topic chosen.

Beyond the fun aspect of the game, and Nintendo has to push the Wii owners to connect their console to the Internet to look particularly at their catalog of games available on their online store. Kensaku Ando will be sold April 29 in Japan. To date, Nintendo has not announced any introduction of soft in the West.


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