Intel will take two years to catch up to AMD

Henri Richard, AMD’s chief sales and marketing officer, said: “”We can maintain our technology leadership until 2007/08. “It’s difficult to predict what’ll happen after that, but we’ll work hard to keep our customer-centric leadership intact.”

Richard admitted that AMD has a window of opportunity. But, he said: “Being realistic, there are going to be times when we’re a little ahead and there are going to be times when we’re a little behind but, technologically, we’ll not rest on our laurels and allow them to catch up. I don’t see us shrinking and, as anyone that was at IDF can testify, they [Intel] have nothing that can hurt us.

“I don’t want to sound cocky,” he said. “We’re very focused on staying close to reality, but it seems we do have a very good lead and we can maintain it.” He said that technology leadership is something that can go up and down. “You have to find what kind of leadership a company can have that is sustainable.” He confirmed that AMD’s new fab extension in Dresden is scheduled for its grand opening in mid October. That, he claimed, would give AMD a significant boost.

“It’s going to ensure ample supply to some of our high growth markets and potentially allow AMD to capture 30 per cent of the market in unit,” he claimed.

He poured scorn on Intel’s refusal to pick up the gauntlet AMD threw down during the chip giant’s developer forum last month.

“Intel likes to fight battles when it’s their own rules and their own game. They’re not very good fighting under other people’s rules or games. I think that’s why they decline the opportunity to compete,” he said.

He said AMD had always fought for open competition. “There’s more in five brains than one,” he said. “We could have locked up AMD64, but we shared it with the world, which benefits not only AMD, but all the other players in the market that have been suffering under Intel domination.”


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