Electronic Arts announces Demo of FIFA World Cup 2010

Electronic Arts has had the sense to publish the demo of 2010 FIFA World Cup during a football intensely.

FIFA World Cup 2010

The online demo of this comes a little less than twenty-four hours after the end of the semi-finals of the Champions League. The supporters of Olympique Lyonnais and Girondins Bordeaux still be unable to rewrite history and take control of their favorite clubs. They will settle for national teams.

The demo is limited to Spanish and Italian selections, both teams placed in first and fifth in the latest FIFA rankings dating from March 2010. France, she moves to a miraculous secure eighth place thanks to his skill in extremis at the World Cup event.

Despite limitations of logic, this demo will include an optional game mode simplified addressed first to the uninitiated. They can enjoy the title using only two buttons used to move and shoot. Also included will be a replay function for honing the gaming community and enable them before leaving the game to share content online.

Release date scheduled for April 29 on PS3 and Xbox 360.


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