Designtech releases iCoordinator Lite

Designtech, one of Europe’s leading providers of web based project management and document management solutions announced the launch of their new free iPhone 3.0 application called iCoordinator Lite for effective time management and online collaboration.

Earlier this year the company has launched iCoordinator a paid iPhone application that can be used as a standalone iPhone application or in combination with iCoordinator portal in order to make the time entries and access the rooms on the portal to collaborate with the other team members. The free application allows the same functionalities with some restrictions on the number of projects the user can work with and report exporting functionalities. It allows the collaboration with portal, creation of new user accounts and access to the rooms on the portal. Both these applications are targeted towards consultants and users who are in need of tracking their time and effort for internal as well as external usage.

With iCoordinator Lite, users can make their time entries and track the efforts and cost associated with the time they have spent for their clients, projects and tasks. The application comes with a host of features that facilitate users to easily manage their time. With the key emphasis on tracking the efforts effectively and quickly, the application has both quick and detailed entry modes. In an effort to make the time tracking easier, it provides multiple timer options to automatically track the time. Keeping in mind that users working with diverse clients or projects and having different hourly rates, the application allows to have client specific rates. Users can have an overview of their efforts per month, week or day and filtered reports based on client, project or task as well as dates.

On the occasion of the launch, Dr Patrik Svanerudh, CEO, Designtech commented “We are very happy to launch iCoordinator Lite, a free version of iCoordinator as this will enable users to try out the application without any additional cost and have insight into the features. The Lite version contains almost all the features of the paid version and allows users to connect to and create new rooms in the portal. These two solutions will definitely bring a lot of value for people who want to track their time and efforts and collaborate online with their colleagues.”


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