ATI’s R520 is the Radeon X1800

ATI WILL have a few variations of its brand new R520 core. Some will be faster, some will be clocked slower, some will have more pipelines and some will be more available than the others.
We revealed that the top end R520 XT will end up clocked to 600MHz core with sixteen pipelines and memory at quite high 1400MHz. We already said that those cards will be quite hard to get as ATI will have some trouble to produce as many as the market would want it to. We believe that whoever gets one might end up having the fastest card around.

The other two cards will also feature sixteen pipelines but their core and memory speeds will end up working slower than the R520 XP performance but limitedly available king. The R520PRO will be second in terms of speed and will work at 550 MHz core while its memory will work at 1250 MHz. This card should be widely available and will have sixteen pipelines. Third in line is R520XL. This card will work at 500 MHz core and 1000 MHz memory but we guess that its price will be more acceptable for most of you. This is sixteen pipelines part and will be highly available.

There might be even more cards based on the R520 architecture.


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