GTA: San Andreas to be back on the shelves by late September

THE GTA CHAPTER of the videogame industry’s latest pasting is finally coming to an end it would seem, with the “clean” version of the game due for release at the end of September. Online retailers have put the re-release down for 29th September, throwing San Andreas in the running for the lucrative pre-Christmas run of videogames now that the hidden sex scenes have been edited out entirely.

The results of investigations into the whole affair, and the-did-they-didn’t-they questions about a cover-up from developer Rockstar and publisher Take-Two will take a few more months yet. Rockstar is already courting controversy over another of its games, “Bully,” but for now all the hysteria around Hot Coffeegate has died down.

Of course we would point out for those who’ve missed the whole kerfuffle that it will probably only take modders an hour to put the sex-scenes back into San Andreas.


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