DVDVideoSoft Launches Free YouTube to DVD Converter

Well-known developer of free multimedia software,
DVDVideoSoft publishes a new program – Free YouTube to DVD Converter and
updates YouTube downloading tools. Though company’s performance is
easily proved by growing number of everyday visitors to DVDVideoSoft web
page (now amounting to 600000), this cannot be the limit with
introduction of new important tools and integration of more updates.

of Free YouTube to DVD Converter showcases DVDVideoSoft’s
forward-thinking vision and commitment to follow needs of demanding
users. The name of the program is self-explaining: it will be possible
to burn YouTube videos to DVD with one program, without any
supplementary tools or actions.

The interface of the new program
resembles that of all other DVDVideoSoft applications: it possesses
comprehensive structuring and includes only functional fields. As well
as all other YouTube applications Free YouTube to DVD Converter easily
downloads separate videos, playlists, video responses and showlists.

user needs to insert YouTube links, start DVD creation and the program
fulfills the whole bulk of work in a possibly rapid manner. The program
also allows to set some options such as select format to save temporary
files, change language, use proxy server, set the computer to switch off
if the process is finished successfully and some others.

YouTube to DVD Converter features all updates which the developer has
recently introduced in the set of YouTube downloading programs: now more
videos are available for download.

DVDVideoSoft representative,
Laura Bochner says: “As previously, we still focus on fulfilling users’
demands and thus we introduce this new helpful program combining
functions that are urgently needed by our valued users. We hope that
everybody will enjoy using our Free YouTube to DVD Converter which
enriches our set Free Studio becoming one of the 24 free and useful
applications from DVDVideoSoft”.


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