Radeon 9550 to arrive in Europe

THE “CHINESE ONLY” Radeon 9550 will find its place in the European market, it seems. ATI was heavily criticised by its partners as its 9200, still a DirectX 8.1 unit, simply could not go against the FX5200 card that earned Nvidia quite a lot of money.
We heard from sources close to ATI that it doesn’t have any other choice than to introduce this card for Europeans and we believe that it will even be sold in the North American market.

The card should be clocked at 250MHz/400MHz and will be positioned in the sub 100 €/$ market, perhaps even as little as $80.

It’s still not clear when ATI will formally introduce those cards but we believe that it won’t be long until you see them on shelves. ATI simply has to have a go at Nvidia’s 70+ per cent market share in this segment. µ

News source: theinquirer.net


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