Intel will launch a new line of flash memory drives

Intel will soon propose a new line of flash memory drives.

Since the release of high-performance SSDs (Solid State Drive) X25-E based on SLC memory chips type, available in 32 and 64GB versions, Intel had announced anything yet. It is true that the DSS is that it is better now, with performance of 250 Mb / s read and 170 Mb / s in writing, at least for those who can afford the prices being quite high.
The SSD, however, use the "old" technology of engraving 50nm, while the second generation of Intel SSD X-25M, for example, using her MLC chip is based on a fine engraving of 34Nm.

But this will soon change with the preparation of new SSD expected early 2011. Replying codenamed Lyndonville, these new SSDs use NAND Flash memory MLC, but with a fine engraving of only 25nm. There will also advanced to the level of storage capacity, 3 models are expected to 100GB, 200GB and even 400GB. Performance hoped will be impressive no doubt.


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