iPod nano dissected, Samsung confirmed as Flash supplier

There is hardly any doubt any more that Samsung in fact got a lifetime deal by winning Apple’s as a new customer. Japanese enthusiast site PC Watch has taken apart the iPod nano and provides a look into Apple’s latest product. The pictures published reveal a Samsung Flash memory chip. So far, the US division of Samsung Semiconductor has not commented on the deal, which apparently involves a 50 percent Flash pricing discount for Apple.

The other lucky winner of Apple’s recent announcements is Sandisk. According to a statement released on Friday, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Flash company, provides the 512 MByte MicroSD cards that are included with ROKR iTunes phone manufactured by Motorola and currently offered through Cingular. SanDisk said that it expects to have 1 GByte MicroSD cards available in limited quantities by the fourth quarter of this year and 2 GByte versions in 2006. Motorola already announced its plans to expand the ROKR phone family, so we would not be terribly surprised to see larger storage capacities in upcoming music phones or an updated iTunes device.


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