Aricent Signaling Software Platform to Power Interphase High-Density SS7 Cards

Aricent, a global innovation, technology and services company
focused exclusively on communications, today announced the availability
of the company’s Network-Proven Telecom Signaling Platform on several
high-density Signal System 7 (SS7) plug-in modules from Interphase
Corporation (Interphase). The collaboration to provide pre-integrated
solutions creates a proven, off-the-shelf signaling solution for Network
and Telecommunications Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Interphase delivers flexible, scalable and modular
cutting-edge technology solutions. The company’s overall portfolio
includes appliances, blades and modules in various form-factors for
interworking, connectivity and packet processing, in addition to
engineering design and contract manufacturing services. The SS7 product
line – based on signaling-optimized iSPAN hardware platforms
and the Interphase iWARE Software Development Suite (SDS) – is
now powered by Aricent’s software including high-level protocol stacks,
application software and rapid application development tools.

Specifically designed to accelerate service deployment,
minimize costs and increase ROI, Aricent’s Signaling
Software Platform offers unmatched flexibility along with
comprehensive manageability. Its comprehensive, easy to use application
programming interface (API) can be quickly integrated with customer
applications and offers simultaneous support for SS7 and SIGTRAN over
Windows, Linux and Solaris platforms. Aricent’s Signaling platform
incorporates industry leading SS7 and SIGTRAN protocol stacks, which
have been deployed by nearly 150 customers globally. The solution has
enabled a broad array of Telecom nodes such as SMS Router/Gateways,
Signaling Gateways, Home Location Registers (HLR), Equipment Identity
Registers (EIR) and a full complement of Value Added Service (VAS)
applications – such as Messaging, Missed Call Alert applications,
Roaming solutions, Unstructured Supplementary Services, Location Based
Services and Ring Back Tone (RBT) services.

"The combination of Aricent’s Signaling Software with our
broad range of SS7 modules provides a tremendous advantage to our mutual
customers," said Marc Orange, senior product marketing manager at
Interphase. "This pre-integrated, optimized and integration ready
multi-platform signaling solution enables telecom OEMs to begin their
application development and integration a full step further into the
cycle than using our existing robust development tools alone. This
further reduces complicated, time consuming development and integration
efforts and accelerates time to market."

SS7 iSPAN modules support the standard telecom server form-factors,
including PCI/PCI-X, PCI Express (PCIe), low-profile PCIe cards for
rack-mount systems, and AdvancedMC (AMC) modules for AdvancedTCA
(ATCA) and MicroTCA (uTCA) systems. These high-density solutions are
available with 4 or 8 T1/E1/J1 ports and support up to 248 Low Speed
Links or 8 High Speed Links. Providing a common API and software
environment across the iSPAN series, the iWARE SDS is
an integrated set of embedded firmware, protocol layers (MTP1-2, AAL5,
SSCOP, SSCF, etc.), APIs, host drivers, and utilities that accelerates
the development of applications and eases the integration of iSPAN

The challenge for telecom OEMs today is to enable providers to
quickly develop and deploy new applications like messaging, charging,
location based services and voice and video services. These solutions
demand high flexibility and scalability along with simultaneously
supporting SIGTRAN and SS7. Aricent’s Signaling Software is an ideal
building block for delivering these VASsolutions. The software suite
features a comprehensive set of easy-to-use user APIs and a simple
management interface. This helps VAS providers speed up application
development and reduce the associated complexity. The solution’s
innovative distributed architecture makes it a highly flexible and
scalable solution.

"Aricent is very pleased to be working with Interphase to
deliver high performance, multi form-factor solutions for vendors who
require production-ready transport signaling solutions," said C.P
Murali, senior vice president at Aricent. "Aricent’s joint offering with
Interphase provides a valuable solution in today’s VAS market where
solution providers are competing aggressively to quickly develop and
deploy differentiated carrier-grade offerings."

The pre-integrated SS7 signaling solution is now available, as
respective components from Aricent and Interphase. Equipment
manufacturers may contact either Aricent or Interphase to get started
with this development-accelerating solution.

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