ComponentOne’s Development Tools Support Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

ComponentOne, a leading provider of third-party development tools
supporting all of the major Microsoft application platforms, has
announced that their tools seamlessly integrate with the application
development and testing process in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

Focused on developer productivity, Visual Studio 2010 has new
tools for prototyping, modeling, and visual design as well as a single
integrated development environment. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2010,
a complete suite of custom controls for Windows, Web, and Mobile
application development, now has support for the full .NET 4 Framework,
all design-time wizards, and interactive editors.

"ComponentOne’s development products are built solely to
enhance the developer experience for Microsoft’s application platforms,"
said Sunny Wong, managing director at ComponentOne. "As such, our brand
is and has been closely associated to that of Microsoft and the ISV
community at large. Integration with Visual Studio 2010 is necessary,
and leveraging its new capabilities is imperative, for ComponentOne to
continue to be a leader and retain its high degree of brand awareness in
the marketplace."

ComponentOne’s Studio for ASP.NET AJAX 2010 release takes full
advantage of the enhancements and powerful features in Visual Studio
2010. On the Windows Presentation Foundation side, by aligning the
Expression Blend and Visual Studio design surface, developers can now
rapidly create rich experiences with consistently styled controls from
Studio for WPF. Both studios offer enhanced graphics performance and
layout rendering, improved localization support, and superior

ComponentOne’s developer products extend the capabilities of
Visual Studio 2010 by giving developers even more options for creating
rich and interactive applications across all of the Windows and Web
platforms. Using the new data visualization capabilities of .NET 4,
ComponentOne has added new, styleable Gauge controls for WinForms and
ASP.NET developers.

For Silverlight, ComponentOne has complemented the new design
surface in Visual Studio 2010 with its unique ClearStyle technology.
With ClearStyle, developers can visually style Silverlight controls
using the designer and its Brush properties. This is a nice alternative
to coding against XAML-based Style templates.

By taking full advantage of the Visual Studio 2010 Dynamic
Data technology, the ComponentOne ASP.NET AJAX controls dramatically
reduce the amount of code that needs to be written to handle data
validation, data grid in-cell editing, and robust C.R.U.D. (Create,
Read, Update, Delete) data support.

"We are pleased that ComponentOne, a Visual Studio Industry
Partner, has been a long-standing provider of development tools
supporting all of the major Microsoft application platforms since VB1,
and is today simultaneously shipping support for Visual Studio 2010,"
said Jason Zander, general manager of the Visual Studio Developer
Division at Microsoft Corp. "The continued success of its products
within the developer community stems from working closely with
Microsoft, delivering high-quality products, and tightly integrating
with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010."

ComponentOne is exhibiting at booth #419 during the Microsoft
Visual Studio Launch and Conference Expo being held April 12-14, 2010 at
the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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