Modern Warfare 2: Discovery of a new bug

Despite the patches and fixes, Modern Warfare 2 is still a victim of bugs that can literally stopping the online gaming experience.

Once again, it’s as if Infinity Ward, which has seen its killstreaks grow dramatically. In fact, it is a bug from the beginning of the year, a bug which normally should have been settled as soon as possible. But the American studio does not do things like everyone else and he seems to prefer to ignore the alarm of the players.

To date, it is always possible to invoke the bug in question and to use the chain killstreak "Harrier strike" using a grenade "Care Package" and a specific weapon. This practice is fortunately limited to nine aircraft, a figure still large. With this fleet over the head, the competition can hardly speak.

If you are unfortunately part of this competition, there are simple ways to address this bug. Take with you the perk "Cold-Blooded" to go unnoticed for infrared detectors Harrier and remain confined to an enclosure to protect against waves of bombing. With such a bug in the wild, the players have reason to worry.


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