Twitter reaches 105 million users

The microblogging service surpassed the 100 million users.

Twitter continues to grow. According to its co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams, who were far short on numbers, the service microblobbing now has nearly 105 million users. Unless it’s users with an account without one knows if they are actually active. Every day they are 3,00,000 new Twitter accounts that are open.

Several studies have shown that the publication of tweets is mainly confined to a core group of users. These famous short messages of 140 characters are still published at a rate of 55 million per day, and there is no doubt that Twitter is a phenomenon to watch.

Search engines in particular are not mistaken. While Twitter treats 19 billion search queries per month ($ 600 million per day), Google manages over 90 billion it lends a special interest. The search giant has announced the launch of a new feature in English which can be traced back through time to dig into the archives of Twitter. A journey time for the moment limited to February 11, 2010 but will soon be extended until March 21, 2006.

At the same time, Bing Microsoft has started testing its real-time search with a few users in the United States by displaying the search results page of Twitter stream. Recall that for Google, this real-time search was launched for everyone.

Recently, Twitter has made some changes on its website to display on the home page a selection of the best tweets of the day. This week, the major announcement that Twitter will nevertheless remain of Promoted Tweets and an attempt to find a new means of monetization.


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