vjoon announces full support for Adobe CS5

vjoon, one of the leading providers of publishing solutions based on Adobe Creative Suite, today announced that its Cross-Media Publishing Platform K4 version 6 will be compatible with Adobe Creative Suite 5 in Q2 of 2010. With its explicit workflow features for multiple output channels, content management for multimedia, and automation of exports for digital publishing, K4 version 6 complements the latest Adobe creative software by providing an ideal platform for creative teams to collaborate. The integration of K4 with Adobe Creative Suite 5 continues vjoon’s tradition of being among the first workflow vendors to take advantage of enhancements to Adobe’s Creative Suite.

“For crossmedia publishing, vjoon’s unique multi-channel workflow concept has the advantage of letting publishers create and enrich their content according to the requirements of the individual output channel and still have all videos, pictures, articles and layouts centrally managed and retrievable within K4,” said Andreas Schrader, CEO of vjoon.

In K4, content is not simply reused for different channels, but is adapted to the different demands of specific media and devices, including Web sites, print publications and handheld devices such as the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle. No matter which strategy a publisher follows: digital-first, print-first or a mixture of both, K4 provides a common platform that improves the publisher’s efficiency without compromising its flexibility to adapt editorial and production processes to new emerging digital outlets.

“Our customers are excited by the new multimedia capabilities in Adobe Creative Suite 5,” said Schrader. “They are looking forward to leveraging K4’s automation and collaboration tools to enhance the design and creation processes that are growing more complex as publishers expand their reach to many more digital devices.”



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