Oracle CRM On Demand Selected as Core Platform by DundeeWealth

Independent Wealth Management Company to Integrate and Expand CRM
Processes For Improved Cost-Savings and Agility Across Lines of Business.

News Facts:

  • DundeeWealth, a Canadian-owned, independent
    wealth management company that currently oversees $69.9 billion in fee
    earning assets, has selected Oracle CRM On Demand to integrate and
    deploy CRM processes throughout the Company.

  • With more than 1,200 employees inNorth America, DundeeWealth creates
    and provides investment solutions and offers capital markets and
    advisory services to financial advisors, institutions, corporations and

  • The CRM software market
    includes major players such as Microsoft and Salesforce. Yet,
    DundeeWealth chose Oracle CRM On Demand after a thorough due diligence
    process because of its agility in deployment, mobility and quick return
    on investment. The technology is designed to give all users access to
    relevant customer information and details about each line of the
    business in real-time and from anywhere including a mobile device,
    potentially contributing to further sales growth. The Company expects
    to realize improved cost efficiencies and productivity through reduced
    maintenance and operations expenses and increased analytic tools for
    business intelligence.

  • DundeeWealth
    expects to use an integrated approach by deploying Oracle CRM On Demand
    across all of its lines of business including investment management,
    capital markets and financial advisory as well as all relevant
    departments, such as sales, marketing, call centre, compliance and
    operations. Oracle CRM On Demand allows DundeeWealth to deploy
    applications quickly and effectively across all business units on a
    single platform.

  • DundeeWealth uses other
    Oracle software in its stack, including Oracle’s Siebel CRM and Oracle
    Database for the past five years.

Supporting Quote:

  • “Oracle CRM On Demand enhances our existing
    Oracle platform, providing an integrated solution with incredible
    flexibility, mobility, agility and lowered total cost of ownership,”
    said To Anh Tran, Senior Vice President of Business Transformation and
    Technology at DundeeWealth Inc. “Using Oracle as a partner in the
    expansion of DundeeWealth’s CRM processes reinforces our client-centric
    approach to customer service and we believe it gives us a competitive
    advantage. As we begin our deployment, we are confident that Oracle is
    with us every step of the way.”

  • “We
    are excited to work with DundeeWealth as they begin this great
    implementation of Oracle CRM On Demand,” said Anthony Lye, Senior Vice
    President of CRM at Oracle. “Oracle CRM On Demand is the definitive
    answer for any organization to gain more insight and more productivity
    across business units.”


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