Dragon Quest Announced for WII

Square Enix has announced adaptation of Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road on Wii. Borrowing from the main characters of nine episodes, this game based on card spends halls Arcade in our living room.

In Japan, Dragon Quest license is extensive since it comes in numerous productions that are absolutely not intended for export. Among them, the series of Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road enabled terminals Arcade fans to immerse themselves in the world of their favorite series focusing on the battle maps. Concretely, each card launched on the combat area materializes the creature holed up there. This method, similar to Yu Gi Oh and other Eye of Judgement presents a substantially different gameplay to the original series, since it was necessary to buy real cards to play (200 million units were sold on the archipelago ).

Square Enix has decided to adapt the title for the Wii. Named for the occasion Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory adaptation of Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Legends II will highlight the heroes, monsters and bosses of the nine components of the series. The cards will become virtual and it will be possible to engage in local multiplayer battles with up to four, as well as online. A tournament mode is also announced, to get new cards by winning duels against opponents of the AI. Finally, a connection is possible between the terminal Arcade and the Wii version, in order to transfer his cards on the console. For this, it will be necessary to use an application DSi.



Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory is expected this summer in Japan, the Wii. So far, no indication was given for the western market. For the curious, a video of the Arcade version of the game is available below.


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