Nomadesk Integrates FileLink with Microsoft Outlook

Nomadesk, developer of the easiest and most secure on-demand file sharing software, today announced a new product enhancement that integrates FileLink with Microsoft Outlook, allowing users to email large files such as photos, graphics, videos and presentations through a password-protected link of a file that resides in a Nomadesk team fileserver. When emailing an attachment, Nomadesk users using Microsoft Outlook will automatically be given the option to send a FileLink vs. the actual file. SMBs or professionals interested in test driving Nomadesk can download a free 30-day trial at By selecting the FileLink option, the users benefit in these ways: Secure, password-protected file transfer in seconds Send large file attachments (100MB and more) Email system is offloaded Attached files are automatically archived and made available on a Nomadesk Fileserver Attached files are backed up and synchronized to the Cloud File expiration and controlled distribution of your files Ability to still update the attachments after they were sent "Our offering is the most comprehensive out there," said Nomadesk CEO Filip Tack. "Over the past few weeks, we have bolstered our file transfer and collaboration capabilities with FileLink and FolderLink. Instead of having to rely on email or FTP to send large files, FileLink and FolderLink are the perfect solution for teams that need to collaborate on large presentations, or share collateral with large graphics or content that includes photos or videos. With the integration of Microsoft Outlook, users have greater ease, flexibility and more security when sending files through email, making file transfer faster, more convenient and extremely efficient! Compared to competing products which are priced up to $29.98/month (ex. YouSendIt) we are not a mere file delivery utility, but also a comprehensive remote access, synchronization, backup and collaboration service." What Nomadesk Technology Does Millions of people risk losing their unprotected, critical data every day. As the amount of unprotected data stored on multiple devices increases, it becomes harder to synchronize and easier to lose. Nomadesk allows individuals and teams to secure, sync, share and backup data with no limits or change in behavior, giving them access to their files when working online and offline. Nomadesk’s virtual drives act just like a hard drive, storing important documents in one place with remote access. Users simply drag and drop their docs into the virtual file server, and files are immediately encrypted, backed up and available for file sharing.

"As the proliferation of content increases for users, so does the need for affordable file transfer capabilities," said Laura DuBois, Research Director of IDC Storage Software. "Nomadesk continues to build in new features to provide added security, ease and power to its users." Why Nomadesk? Most cost-effective file sharing, encryption, synchronization, backup & storage — $15/mo Share for free – invited guests are not required to purchase any storage or license to access your Files Drag, drop simple – drop and drag files into a virtual drive as you would with a hard drive Unlimited (storage capacity and # of users per fileserver) Online & offline access from any digital platform Highest security (256-bit encryption) TheftGuard – Shred important docs on Nomadesk drive remotely in the event of theft or lost hardware FileLink and FolderLink – send a link to a large file or folder rather than attaching through email Widget – power any website or blog page to create a cloud storage platform, similar to GoogleDocs, allowing users to share files, collaborate, backup, synchronize, encrypt and store files in one secure place Free technical support Seamless integration with Windows, Mac and iPhone Replaces need for IT expertise, external storage devices, VPN, FTP and backup system, large email attachments DeltaSync – Nomadesk synchronizes changes in documents, minimizing bandwidth Email2Folder – email docs directly into Nomadesk virtual drive About Nomadesk With U.S. headquarters in New York City, Nomadesk is a leading provider of on-demand file sharing software that enables professionals to easily share, sync, encrypt, backup and store files from any location, whether online or offline. Bringing the power of cloud computing to small businesses, Nomadesk alleviates the hassles and minimizes the high costs of traditional document management solutions, as well as online storage pay-per-user models. For only $15 per month per team file server, an unlimited number of team members can access, share and save docs with unlimited* storage capacity. In addition, TheftGuard(TM) provides advanced tracking and allows users to spot a stolen or misplaced device on Google Maps and remotely shred all important documents.


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