Gmail introduces drag and drop for attachments with HTML5

Google offers two new features for Gmail: drag and drop for attachments and a closer link with Google Calendar for an invitation.

Google’s webmail has just received two new features. The first concerns the management of Drag and drop attachments. With a window open in their browser (or the desktop), the user can now directly select the files it wants to join a message with the mouse, drag them into the Gmail interface.

During the deposit transaction in Gmail, a dedicated field of green tinted appears with the message: "drop files here". So far, for attachments, it was mandatory to go through the link "Attach a file".

This drag can only work on Google Chrome and Firefox 3.6 browsers. It takes advantage of opportunities HTML5. For other browsers, it will have to await the management of the API for drag and drop locally to a remote web page.

The second new feature of Gmail for better service integration is Google Calendar to create an event. When writing a message, a link "Invitation" is available. This link provides access to a window that displays its availability as well as contacts to whom the message is sent, as long as sharing is allowed. What schedule an event to several depending on the availability of each. Once inserted the invitation, a summary of the latter appears in the message.



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