Minder Softworks announced MYStuff 1.3

Minder Softworks today updated MYStuff to version 1.3, adding CSV import
and one-click image and manual searching to the application. Designed
to be the first "stuff manager" for OS X, MYStuff combines the best
features of PDF managers and home inventory programs. MYStuff gives
users an intuitive way of filing and finding their information.

MYStuff makes it easy to file and find information about the things you
own. You simply make a new record, and key in what you bought, where you
bought it, how much you paid and how you paid for it, warranty
information, and other key data. Then you can add an unlimited number of
files to the record: a scan of the receipt, photos of the item, a PDF
of the manual, and anything else you would like to add. To make this
process easier, MYStuff’s MYInbox feature allows users to quickly add
files to MYStuff from other applications.

MYStuff 1.3 adds a Search tab to the FileFinder palette. The Search tab
takes Manufacturer and Model information you have already entered,
formulates a Google query, and opens the search in your default web
browser. This allows users to quickly find photos and user manuals for
their Records, which can then be added quickly to existing records.

This release also adds CSV import from files created by MYStuff, and
five other applications: Delicious Library, Home Inventory, Know Your
Stuff, Paperless, and WarrantyHero. Users who already have a lot of
records in one of these other applications who want to transition to
MYStuff will be able to easily do so without re-entering all their data.
In addition to these new features, MYStuff allows you to easily back up
your data, print lists for insurance claims, and view your records as
lists or as images.

MYStuff will immediately draw comparisons to popular PDF- and
note-managing applications, home-inventory applications,
receipt-tracking applications, and warranty-tracking applications.
MYStuff is none of these things, and yet it is all of these things. PDF
managers concentrate on allowing users to file and find documents, but
provide no way of entering information about individual items. Home
inventory programs allow tracking information about individual items,
but provide little or no way to track the documents about the item.
MYStuff has all the best features of each of these applications, and
puts them in a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Every year, people throw away countless products that are still covered
by a warranty. Most often, they are unaware that the product is still
under warranty because they cannot find the receipt and warranty
information from the time of purchase, which may have been a year ago or
maybe ten years ago. As a result, they replace an item that could have
been repaired for free, thus costing them money. Keeping important
paperwork organized is a tremendous amount of work, which explains why
so few people do it. MYStuff helps users file and find their information
quickly and easily, saving them both time and money.

Minimum Requirements:

MYStuff will run on any Intel or PowerPC Mac running OS X 10.5.8 or
later, including Snow Leopard.

Pricing and Availability:

A free demo is available from the website. A full license can be
purchased for $29 (USD).


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