Google introduced the Google Print for Cloud computing

Google Unveils the Google Print for Cloud enable applications to print documents via a management mode made cloud computing.

Unsurprisingly, the first information on Google Print Cloud came Chrome OS developers, the future operating system intended for netbooks that is oriented cloud computing. Google Print cloud though is still at its infancy and Google in his presentation mentioned above concepts.

Beyond Chrome OS, the ambition is to enable Google to "all applications" whether desktop, mobile web or present on any device, "to print on any printer the world. All print management therefore requires the service from which the famous printers have been reported.

"Rather than relying on the local operating system (or drivers) to print, applications can use Google Print for Cloud submit and manage print jobs," explains Google.

Google expects that manufacturers will offer dedicated printers that do not exist yet and will not require a separate driver or a PC, all thanks to a communication through open protocols. For more conventional printers, Google speaks of a proxy printing:

"When users install and activate the proxy on their existing PC where the printer is connected, this printer is registered with their Google account and then used by Google Cloud Print. We hope the community will develop proxies for drivers of printing, routers, CUPS … "

Google provides a summary of the project in the chart below:

All this finally seems rather complicated for a simple printing and does not go without asking questions with regard to respect for privacy. Google says that for printed documents already online with a Google account (Gmail, Google Docs …), they are simply passed through the Google Print Cloud. For documents locally, Google Print Cloud store them temporarily: "Once the data reaches the printer, they are removed from the Google servers.

Google also stresses that all data between applications and Google Print Cloud, Cloud and between Google Print and printers are transferred via an encrypted connection.


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