eBaum Nation launches BoneTown’s Tiger Woods Affair Tour 2010

eBaum Nation, the premier website for finding viral videos, breaking news and the best of the Internet, has published the brand new unrated video game BoneTown’s Tiger Woods Affair Tour 2010. The game was developed by D-Dub Software, makers of BoneTown, the world’s first action adventure unrated video game.

The interactive parody game allows the user to live in the shoes of Tiger Woods. Whether a user wants to sleep with cocktail waitresses, fight with other golfers at a nightclub, or just party and get drunk, the game allows them to do it. Plus, besides being a hilarious stand alone satire, the game is a small taste of what the full version of BoneTown has to offer.

D-Dub Marketing director Max Baptist VIII thinks that the game was a great fit for the company to develop. "When we found out that eBaum Nation wanted to release a parody game, it was perfect. We’ve done hilarious spoofs before and being able to develop this for them was fun and right in line with our video game–hilarious, kind of offensive, and overall awesome. Plus, it’s great to give their users a taste of BoneTown, since they are the kind of people who appreciate our humor."

One sponsor of the game is the outrageous interactive online magazine SoCalGlamourGirls. In the Tiger Woods game, users can view SoCalGlamourGirls’ model Michelle Bombshell, who was recently in the news for her alleged affair with Jesse James, which produced another celebrity cheating scandal.

"BoneTown and eBaum Nation are perfect partners for us because they love the same kind of offensive, sex-focused humor that our models produce at SoCalGlamourGirls," says Kat, SoCalGlamourGirls owner and photographer.


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