OOTP Developments announced Out of the Park Baseball 11

OOTP Developments is proud to announce the release of their latest baseball simulation game, Out of the Park Baseball 11 ("OOTP 11"). Available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, OOTP 11 is a further evolution of the series that has captured the hearts of fantasy baseballers for over a decade now, and about which GameShark said, "This is the single best baseball management sim available." OOTP 11 delivers to baseball fans what is missing in other baseball sims, console games, and fantasy baseball leagues – a truly immersive baseball experience.

Opening Day in Major League Baseball brings out the baseball fan in all of us, including Lead Developer Markus Heinsohn, who has built OOTP into an incredibly flexible, yet statistically accurate baseball simulation. "There’s something in this game for everyone who enjoys baseball," says Heinsohn, "whether you’re a casual fan or a stats junkie. Out of the Park Baseball 11 is the baseball game I envisioned when I first created OOTP over ten years ago." New features in this year’s version include 2010 Opening Day Major League rosters, a completely new amateur draft with signing bonuses and player negotiations, a new historical replay mode that requires no season disks, a new fielding engine, team owners with distinct personalities, and much more.

Core Game Features: 

  • Complete general management – If a GM does it in real life, you can probably do it in OOTP. Define scouting budgets. Make trades. Handle the amateur draft. Scour the waiver wire. Sign free agents. Negotiate contract extensions. Demote and promote players within your organization. You can even define depth charts, lineups, and pitching staffs for every team in your organization. It’s all up to you! Of course, if that’s a little overwhelming, you can choose to delegate some or all of these functions to your team personnel, too.
  • 2010 Opening Day Major League Rosters – Play with a complete Major League setup, including all affiliated minor leagues, with thousands of accurately rated players, right down through rookie league, for the ultimate in Major League gaming experience!
  • Solo or online play – Enjoy solo play with practically unlimited replayability, or join an online league and compete with other human GMs for the ultimate management challenge, while OOTP generates a complete web site for your league (view sample reports here)
  • Historical mode – Play with real leagues, teams, or players from any historical Major League season from 1871 through 2009, without any need for extra-charge "season-replay disks"!
  • Play-by-play mode – Take over on the bench as well, if you wish, playing out games with our detailed play-by-play engine. Choose defensive strategies, make substitutions on the fly, and give the hitter that "swing away" sign. OOTP will "call" the play with an ongoing stream of announcer text, almost as if you were listening to the radio!
  • Realistic statistical engine – Enjoy a realistic statistical engine based on modern baseball theory such as DIPS. See your players perform in a consistent, realistic manner over ten, twenty, even fifty simulated years, and watch as your own Hall of Fame grows before your eyes.
  • Unparalleled customizability – Customization has long been the hallmark of OOTP. Options within the game allow you to define precisely how you want your baseball universe to operate, from the number of leagues, divisions, and teams in your league to the rules for these leagues, including finances, free agency, waiver rules, roster sizes, and more.

Pricing and Availability:
OOTP 11 is available for PC, Mac, and Linux for $39.99 (customers in the European Union pay €39.99.) OOTP 11 can be downloaded directly from the OOTP Developments web site.


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