Sonic Introduced 3DAccess to Prepare 3D Movies for Blu-ray Disc and Web Distribution

Sonic Launches 3DAccess Program for Professional Blu-ray Authoring Community.

Sonic Solutions, today announced 3DAccess, a program that provides professional authoring facilities with the tools and knowledge required to prepare 3D premium video entertainment for distribution on Blu-ray 3D and electronically over the web to 3D-enabled consumer electronic devices. The program is part of a broader, company-wide initiative that is focused on enabling 3D access in the home and driving consumer adoption with a range of 3D-capable applications and services.

The 3DAccess program enables major motion picture studios and professional authoring facilities to meet the initial demand for 3D title creation by providing early access to new 3D-capable, add-on modules for Sonic’s Hollywood-standard compression and authoring suites. Officially launching later this year, the new modules add 3D capabilities and controls to Sonic Scenarist, Sonic CineVision, Lemony and Scenarist QC and allow creative professionals to produce optimized 3D titles for distribution in the Blu-ray 3D format, as well as electronically via online movie services.

"Yet again, Sonic is blazing a trail through format transition by providing the authoring community with the software and knowledge needed to handle client demands. For authoring facilities, it’s not simply a case of transitioning to the new Blu-ray 3D format, but also being able to offer a solution to clients looking to take advantage of new digital distribution methods," said Lee Evans, Executive Vice President, Ambient Digital Media, Inc. "Sonic is the only company that can provide the authoring and encoding applications needed to deliver reliable, consistent, and exciting 3D viewing experiences across multiple platforms."

Sonic’s professional encoding and authoring tools are used by more facilities than any other solution. With 3DAccess, Sonic hopes to jump-start 3D title creation in the same way the company ignited the market for entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray Disc. The 3DAccess program not only offers the complete add-on toolkit for 3D title creation, but also the in-depth training required to address the design challenges facilities will face producing 3D titles.

The new 3D-capable modules add 3D controls and capabilities to Sonic’s professional line:

  • Sonic Scenarist – Revolutionary high-definition authoring system incorporates support for 3D video, menu graphics and new z-based subtitles.
  • Sonic CineVision – Exacting professional encoder adds intensive Multiview Video Coding (MVC) parameter controls to deliver master-quality 3D video streams.
  • Scenarist QC – Professional quality-control application provides real-time Blu-ray 3D emulation and title de-bugging.
  • Lemony – The world’s most extensive subtitling application for professional content release on disc and electronically, provides comprehensive control of stereoscopic subtitles, z-depth and collision avoidance.

"3D not only represents a massive new business opportunity for professional authoring facilities and content owners, but also an opportunity to redefine the home movie viewing experience for consumers," said Rolf Hartley, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Premium Content Group, Sonic Solutions. "With our 3DAccess program, our customers will have the creative tools they need to meet the demanding requirements of high-end content developers and major motion picture companies, and the skills required to begin the rollout of the first wave of Blu-ray 3D titles. We’re extremely excited to once again take a leadership role in getting a powerful new format to market."



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