Xploder Cheat Saves for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction XBOX 360

Puns galore as Splinter Cell Conviction gets the cheat treatment.


Don’t get a ‘SPLINTER’ in your side

Our ‘CONVICTIONS’ guarantee you always get the help you need!

This time with Ubisoft’s latest offering on the day of release!

If that doesn’t ‘CELL’ you I don’t know what will!

Another Xploder first! Break out the big guns with cheats for Splinter Cell Conviction

Espionage is a sneaky affair and Xploder hopes your enemies are shaken whilst you remain unstirred ! Xploder gives you hot cheats to complete missions, unlock weapons and flawlessly ‘EXECUTE’ your objectives (or your enemies). With Xploder by your side you can get the full fun of the whole game and sneak your way through to victory. And with support for so many other games Xploder is the perfect partner for your console.

Using the Xploder software is easy: Just install the software on your PC, download the cheat saves from the online database and transfer to your console. Incorporated into the user interface is a Live RSS feed to keep you updated with the latest cheat saves from the Xploder team and a massive community of gamers.

The Xploder Cheat Systems for Xbox® 360, Playstation®3, Nintendo DS® and DSi® & Nintendo Wii® can be purchased direct from www.xploder.net in 3 major currencies and are also available at www.amazon.co.uk & www.play.com

American, Italian & French versions of the Xploder website can be found at http://us.xploder.net , www.xploder.it & www.xploder.fr – Xploder will continue do develop more localised domains during the next few months.

Xploder.net is a game save creation and sharing community with thousands of registered users. As well as official Xploder saves uploaded by our crack team, our community members are always uploading new and updated saves to gain kudos for their skills, as well as helping out others. With Xploder, it’s easy to show other Xploder users your gaming prowess! Join the community at http://forum.xploder.net


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