Google might have 2% of worldwide servers

The U.S. site devoted to news of web hosting, amused itself by speculating on the number of servers available to large corporations to take a Net organization chart.

Intacs was therefore based on estimates, including those of Data Center Knowledge to realize its scheme.

Regarding Google, the site has used figures provided by the company 4 years ago, while the number of servers of the search engine was estimated at 450,000 units. Intacs has revised that figure upward, since now the estimated number of Google servers have more than one million, or about 2% of all servers worldwide.

Far, far behind, there is Intel and its 100,000 servers. The 1 & 1 with 70,000 units and 000 units with 65 OVH. The latter figure is also wrong, since last December, the company, through its CEO Octavius Klab, claimed exactly 72,739 servers.

For others, such as Microsoft, Yahoo or Amazon, the site considers their individual park at 50,000, although none report its information.

If the figures are clearly advertised as approximate, the overall result still offers an interesting perspective on the distribution of global server park.

We may also note that even if the number of servers Google has not changed since 2006, the company would still remained well ahead.


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