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Computers Unlimited,
headquartered in Billings, MT, and Pensylvania-based TAP Resources, announced today an alliance
to develop tools for activity based costing.

“We are excited to team up with TAP Resources.
The partnership brings together all of the key components of a complete
business management system. Ultimately, we’ll be able to provide a
platform that allows businesses to more easily measure and monitor
critical costs behind cylinder distribution and operations,” says David
Schaer, Computers Unlimited president.

“A database is a powerful foundation for
businesses and intelligence reporting summarizes the results of your
work to help guide sound business decisions. With the right tools in
place, we plan to take this enhanced business intelligence to the next
level with benchmark reporting,” says Paul Matlock, owner of TAP
Resources and life-long veteran in the industry. “Our goal is to provide
businesses the means to compare performance and set goals for

Schaer adds, “Our new partnership promises to be
an industry first, offering clients a product that will help them manage
their businesses better by streamlining operations, reducing costs,
improving productivity and making better decisions across every aspect
of their organizations.”

Located in Billings, Montana, CU provides
integrated software and hardware solutions for specialty gas and welding
supply distributors. For more than 30 years, their line of Total
Information Management System (TIMS) Software products has assisted
companies of all sizes, including many industry leaders, in running more
efficiently and maintaining a competitive edge in the markets they
serve throughout the U.S.

TAP Resources are Compressed Gas Industry experts
that provide services to Compressed Gas Industry businesses. Hands-on
consulting and project implementation are based on many years of
successful experience. TAP also provides temporary professional employee
services with individuals typically with 20+ years of industry


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