Club 3D announced Radeon HD 5450 Noiseless Edition

Club 3D mark has completed its product portfolio with a new graphics card at a low price based on an original chip from ATI.

Club 3D: Radeon HD 5450 Noiseless Edition

Responding on behalf of Radeon HD 5450 Noiseless Edition, this is a DirectX 11 compatible graphics card for integration in a computer room for the replacement of an integrated video chipset, a bit winded.

Plugged into a PCI-Express x16 motherboard, it relies on a heart ATI Radeon HD 5450 clocked at 650 MHz and 512 MB of video memory type GDDR3 64-bit operating frequency of 800 MHz.

The cooling of components is ensured by a large heater, allowing a very efficient heat dissipation and silent, while its output connectors include a VGA port, a DVI port and an HDMI port, allowing connection of a recent screen or a template a bit older.


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