Clever Mojo Games introduced Jin Li

Clever Mojo Games, a family board game design and publication company based in Edmonds, WA, today announced the release of Jin Li, the company’s first game app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

"While visiting Taiwan last year," said company owner, W David MacKenzie, "I had a dream about a game where pieces move around on a chess board, dodging obstacles and scoring points by getting close to other pieces. That dream became Jin Li, the Chinese word for Koi."

The Clever Mojo Games says this about Jin Li, "Koi are friendly fish. They love getting close to other koi, rubbing up against each other, and gathering in small groups. In Jin Li the players each control two koi in a pond. They swim their fish through the placid water, maneuvering around or jumping over stones that are dropped into the pond, and scoring points by getting close to any of the other koi. Be a friendly koi and score points, but don’t let your opponent’s koi get too friendly or you’ll lose the game. Jin Li is a fishy little game that’s easy to learn and fast to play."

Jin Li has also been licensed to NestorGames for publication as a physical board game.

System Requirements:
The Jin Li app is compatible with all of the devices currently running the iPhone OS, including the iPod Touch, the iPhone, and Apple’s newest mobile device, the iPad.

Pricing And Availability:
Jin Li is available now on the iPhone AppStore for 99¢.


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