eBay Buys Skype for $4.1 Billion

According to a BusinessWeek article, eBay will be holding an “investors conference call” at 5am PST for an announcement to be made 2 hours before. Since the eBay, Skype talks began early last week, there’s been speculation on whether or not this will happen.

An article on MarketWatch, which was last updated at 11:40PM EST (Sept. 11), states eBay and Skype are in the final stages of this deal and would cost as much as $4.1 billion, “if Skype hits certain performance targets between now and 2008.” Niklas and Janus, Skype’s founders, will receive $1.3 billion in cash, $1.3 billion in stock, and $1.5 billion in rewards, guaranteeing that most of Skype’s staff will stick around.

How will this fit into eBay’s plans of Internet dominance? One-click calling between sellers and buyers.


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