DSECsoftware released Digital Defender Antivirus 2.0

DSECsoftware, makers of digital defender security software, today announced the immediate release of their antivirus software, digital defender antivirus 2.0.

Traditionally security software has been seen as a necessary evil. Many times the antivirus software itself has been known mimic the behaviour of viruses. Computers that slow down, software that is impossible to uninstall or even to use are common features of many security software products available on the market today.

With digital defender the approach has been to go the opposite direction. From the time a potential user enters the website until they are using the software itself, the ambition and focus is and remains to create a quick, easy to use antivirus software that simply put, just works. At launch the software will be available in 10 languages, the goal is to add support for over 30 languages in 2010.

"We felt that it was necessary to take a new approach to the development and design of security software. We wanted to create software that our mothers would be comfortable using", says Kerry Reid, head of marketing at DSEC Software Ltd, the developers of digital defender antivirus.

The software will be available in a free and paid for version and is available for immediate download from the digital defender website and leading download sites.

"We are very excited about this product release. We feel that our product is the antivirus solution designed for the year 2010," comments Gordon Roxon, CEO of DSECsoftware Ltd.

Digital defender antivirus is available for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Available languages include: English, Hebrew, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Russian, Italian, Ukrainan, Hungarian and Flemish.


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