Sharp announces NetWalker PC-T1

Sharp, close to the PC with high performance features, "NetWalker (Nettouoka)" the second-to-use and comfortable to use pen and notebook style internet PC -T1 will release.

This unit is lightweight (about 280g) achieve compact size paperback book, a simple design with no keyboard, 5-inch high resolution touch screen with WSVGA LCD’s with. Style notebook, you can enter pen handwritten notes and letters. The "super Daijirin 3.0" "Genius English-Japanese Dictionary, Fourth Edition (NetWalker Version)" and included 12 different dictionaries, including clear display of the original LC characters in the font. In addition, NetWalker own e-bookstore "NetWalker library" from other business books, including dictionaries and language technical books, 25,000 e-books to buy books enjoy.


  • Lightweight and compact size paperback book, she intends to use the Internet comfortably
  • Features handwritten notes and letters written to screen high-definition picture
  • "Daijirin Super 3.0" "Genius English-Japanese Dictionary, Fourth Edition (NetWalker version)" 12 different built-in dictionary and practical
  • Act, as well as specialized medical books, language dictionaries, e-book sales sites get together and study books "NetWalker library" support


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