Technology for Website Monetizing From MageNet

MageNet launched a new system which allows website owners to generate
additional cash flow by selling contextual link ads from their sites’
content. Using MageNet services, a website owner can get from $50 to
$1000 per month on average from each site he has.

MageNet takes into account all the most important needs of
both the website owner, who places contextual links on his sites,
and the client, who pays for them. This unique combination of new
technology and customer-oriented service ensures the high satisfaction
of both sides and allows them to close long-term, mutually beneficial
deals. MageNet makes all deals for a minimum of 6 months, which
guarantees website owners long-term profit.

Contextual links purchased by clients play an important role
in their advertising campaigns, as this is one of the most profitable
investments in Internet advertising in terms of ROI.

"The most important opportunity provided by the new MageNet
technology is that almost anyone can generate additional cash flow from
his site in a simple way, without having any special knowledge or
performing any time-consuming activities," states Nancy Ryan,
spokesperson of MageNet. "All he needs is to have a website."

"Multiple sites owners will especially benefit from MageNet
since it allows selling contextual links simultaneously from all
websites in bulk and in a convenient way," concluded MageNet’s CEO,
Bredd Damon.

Brian Pierson, owner of seo4experts,
commented, "I have just a few sites, and I didn’t think that selling
contextual links from them through MageNet could generate me a serious
profit. But a few months ago I decided to give it a try and now I am
getting $714.58 per month from contextual links."


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