Belden Introduces High Reliability, Substation Hardened Data Networking Solution

Belden, a leader in
signal transmission solutions, announced today the launch of new
ruggedized networking solutions for the smart grid communications
infrastructure. Belden officially introduces its Ethernet switch and
cabling solutions for substations at the IEEE/PES (Power Transmission
& Distribution) Conference and Expo in New Orleans on April 20-22,

Belden is uniquely positioned to leverage its technology, know-how
and market leadership in data communications, industrial Ethernet and
industrial automation to the Power Transmission & Distribution
Industry, specifically by offering high reliability, end-to-end
industrial Ethernet solutions that optimize system performance.

Brian Lieser, director of global vertical marketing, says, "With our
line-up of field-proven, substation hardened products for industrial
Ethernet and other networking protocols, Belden is well-positioned to
deliver data networking solutions that address the evolving needs of
global substation designers and operators. From Belden cabling and
connectivity to Hirschmann branded switches, hardware, and advanced
wireless technology, we offer a range of solutions that are fully
compliant with all industry standards while providing maximum security
and uptime."

Belden Offers a Full Range of Substation-Grade Ethernet

At the IEEE/PES Conference, Belden will showcase its substation-ready
signal transmission products and solutions for industrial Ethernet.
These include:

— Hirschmann switches, security/firewall devices and networking software
— Hirschmann BAT WAN/LAN wireless systems
— Hirschmann terminated fiber optic and UTP media
— Belden TrayOptic and FiberExpress fiber optic cables and
— Belden DataTuff Category 6 and 5e cables

Belden’s substation-grade Ethernet infrastructure components are
ruggedly constructed to withstand the severe environmental hazards under
which they must operate. The products are designed to deliver high
performance and 99.999% reliability over the long term, as well as the
high bandwidth and high level of network security so critical in today’s
complex world.

Installed and integrated across the entire ‘smart grid’
communications infrastructure, Belden’s standards-based, field-proven
solutions can help power companies and their partners achieve seamless
real-time information flow across power generation, transmission,
distribution and management functions.


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