PR Newswire launched Mobile App for iPhone

In a move that will afford PR Newswire’s customers unparalleled reach to mobile users, the company has launched an application for the iPhone and iPod touch, with optimized applications for iPad, Blackberry and Android devices on the way.

The PR Newswire Mobile App empowers users with direct access to breaking news from many of the world’s leading brands and organizations that issue text and multimedia press releases and information over PR Newswire every day. The technology offers users the ability to search and browse PR Newswire’s extensive database of press releases and photos and isolate specific news items based on criteria such as keyword, industry topic and stock symbol. Searches are saved so that users can quickly navigate to the press releases that interest them the most. The PR Newswire Mobile App also provides a gateway for users to share content via email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and watch videos distributed via MultiVu, PR Newswire’s broadcast and multimedia division.

PR Newswire is the only commercial news distribution service offering text, photos and a distinct video channel through its own iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch application. The introduction of the PR Newswire Mobile App adds to PR Newswire’s extensive global delivery of text and multimedia press releases to mobile applications and news platforms such as Thomson One Mobile, Bloomberg Mobile and Dow Jones Factiva Mobile. In the coming months, PR Newswire plans to extend its Mobile App service to the BlackBerry and Android platforms, including Nexus One, while also launching a fully optimized iPad App.

"Recognizing the shift from the laptop to the handheld device, PR Newswire became an early adopter of mobile news distribution and developed a mobile strategy that is designed to keep our customers at the forefront of the communications landscape as it continues to become more mobile," said Joshua B. Cohen, director, Content Licensing & Distribution, PR Newswire. "PR Newswire’s free, downloadable Mobile App for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is just one of many initiatives that we are undertaking to mobilize our customers’ news."

Tens of millions of iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users worldwide can access the PR Newswire Mobile App for no-charge download at the Apple App Store or by simply entering “PR Newswire” in the App Store search field. Once uploaded, users can immediately access and share breaking news or search for specific press releases and video content based on name, services, products, people, stock symbol or other customizable keywords.

The PR Newswire Mobile App also lets users interact with PR Newswire’s @ProfNet and @PRNewswire Twitter feeds, and subscribers of PR Newswire’s expert network, ProfNet, can use the PR Newswire Mobile App to access fast-breaking queries from reporters seeking article sources and expert commentary.

Cohen continued, “The PR Newswire Mobile App provides a variety of audiences with the freedom to stay informed whenever and wherever they want – journalists on the go, policy influencers, investors seeking market news, and consumers looking for information on new products and services from thousands of companies and organizations. Company executives can track what’s being announced by competitors and partners while saving their own releases to show on the go. Marketing and communications professionals can stay abreast of valuable industry news, media queries on ProfNet, and industry intelligence through PR Newswire’s Twitter feeds. In the cab, on a plane, at a trade show … you’ll now have PR Newswire wherever your work or travels take you.”

Designed and developed for PR Newswire by Newstex, the PR Newswire Mobile App takes advantage of the latest mobile technology. PR Newswire content is available to app developers. 


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