Apple iPhone 4 unofficially unveiled

The Gizmodo U.S. site has put his hand on what he claims to be a prototype of the next iPhone might be unveiled in June. Do you believe?

Falling a prototype of the next generation of iPhones found in a bar, the story is beautiful compared to a company that keeps its secret as jealously products that Apple. It has in all cases a small side storytelling a little too perfect.

The fact remains that the Gizmodo site says he hands a prototype of the next terminal and ensures that Apple is not one of the many clones available on the Asian markets. The aircraft was "hidden" in a shell giving forms a standard iPhone.

Beyond the information provided by the general appearance of the device, not whether it is a prototype close to the final version or if the form factor will ultimately be different. It is also impossible to get details via its OS since it was deleted remotely. Gizmodo says that it is iPhone OS 4.0 which turned over.

This leaves many outstanding elements that must keep in mind in looking more closely at this terminal. The assumed future iPhone would change so radically in appearance over the three previous instances, it initiated a design a little more "square" at the edges and boarding, as the iPad tablet, a micro-SIM card rather than a traditional SIM card.

By opening the device, Gizmodo claims to have noticed Apple acronyms components, suggesting that it is a product from the Cupertino company. This will afford an iPhone AFN Crane for videoconferencing and a digital camera better than the iPhone 3G back.

The display also seems to have better resolution, maybe 960 x 640 pixels, as has been suggested previously, where the assumed name of iPhone HD. The terminal could also be equipped with a second micro used to cancel out background noise to improve the quality of phone calls, as is already available on some smartphones like the Nexus One of Google.

The unit still has buttons on the side but they are this time round. Another change is the back of this prototype is flat, unlike the rounded hull of iPhone so far, and the battery takes up more space than before.

If it is indeed a prototype of the new iPhone, one can assume that Apple will not stand idly by, especially as the conditions under which Gizmodo got their hands on the device could earn him trouble, and even if this timely discovery revived the interest generated for the future while the iPhone for the iPad tablet continues to feed the news.


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