VASCO Showcases DIGIPASS for Mobile at MEFTEC

VASCO Data Security Inc., a leading software
security company specializing in authentication products, will showcase
its DIGIPASS for Mobile authentication solution at MEFTEC (Bahrain
International Exhibition Centre, 20th and 21st April, booth H301).
DIGIPASS for Mobile is VASCO’s authentication solution which leverages
Internet enabled mobile phones for authentication purposes. DIGIPASS for
Mobile can be used for two factor authentication and digital signature.

DIGIPASS for Mobile offers a solution to banks who want to
secure multiple customer facing channels including e-banking, m-banking,
phone banking using IVR and cash retrieval at the ATM.

An increasing number of banks protect their e-banking channels
against fraud attacks, such as phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks,
with two factor authentication. Banks are also increasingly introducing
m-banking for their generation Y customers or in regions where the
mobile phone penetration is higher than the Internet penetration.
M-banking is facing similar challenges as e-banking when it comes down
to protecting user accounts. VASCO’s DIGIPASS for Mobile can be used to
protect both the e-banking and m-banking channels using a one-time
password (OTP) to access the banking application and e-signature to sign
online transactions.

Furthermore the use of DIGIPASS for Mobile can be extended to
phone banking. Most phone applications use Interactive Voice Response
(IVR) which allows the customer to access their bank via a touchtone
telephone or voice recognition. These systems often use simple passwords
like: who are you and what is your mother’s name. This information can
easily be retrieved online using social engineering techniques. As a
result the use of dynamic authentication messages becomes more important
to avoid impersonation. DIGIPASS for Mobile can easily be integrated in
an IVR system: when calling the bank the IVR system would immediately
recognize the customer who would be prompted for a user ID and OTP to
further access the banking system.

The use of DIGIPASS for Mobile can also secure cash retrieval
at the ATM. ATMs have always been subject to fraud. Nowadays skimming
techniques and ghost ATMs are used to obtain card details and plunder
accounts. DIGIPASS for Mobile strong authentication can be added without
having to change the existing ATM network, PIN validation will simply
be replaced by OTP validation. The bank customer will activate the
authentication application on his phone using a PIN-code. On
PIN-insertion an OTP will be generated which the banking customer will
type on the ATM keyboard.

"We are using VASCO’s DIGIPASS for Mobile for ‘Cep Sifrematik’
which runs on a mobile phone. Our customers can access the Garanti
Online/Mobile Branch using a one-time password generated by Cep
Sifrematik. Since the mobile phone is used as an authentication device,
customers can access their bank account whenever and wherever
considering that they have their authentication device always in their
pocket. Whether they want to access their account from somebody else’s
PC or in an Internet cafe they can do so in total security," says
M.Feridun Aktas, Chief Security Officer at Garanti Bank (Turkey).

"The use of strong authentication for online banking is
mandatory by the Turkish Banking Association. Halkbank’s Sifrebaz
uses DIGIPASS for Mobile. It is very straightforward in use; simple and
fast: we send the authentication application by SMS to our customers.
They will download the application on their mobile phone and choose a
password. Every time they want to use Sifrebaz they will enter their
password to generate a one-time password to access the online banking
application," says Cenk Niksarli, Chairman of IT from Halkbank (Turkey).

DIGIPASS for Mobile uses proven VASCO VACMAN® authentication
technology and supports more than 400 types of mobile phones and
operates on Java phones, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile and
platforms such as NTT Docomo.

"The mobile platform not only is becoming more attractive to
hackers as more and more mobile applications are introduced, the mobile
phone is also a loyal companion never leaving our side. As a result it
is an excellent platform for strong authentication. Since the mobile
phone is always in our pocket it can be used for user authentication at
the ATM or to access e- and m-banking applications anywhere and any
time," says Jan Valcke, President and COO at VASCO Data Security.


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