My e911Brings Personal E911 Protection to Smartphone Users

RedSky Technologies, Inc.,
the leading provider of automated E911 solutions to the enterprise,
announced today the launch of My e911, a downloadable smartphone
application that provides personalized E911 protection while improving
security on college and corporate campuses. The announcement was made
today at the 2010 Annual Conference of ACUTA, the Association for
Information Communications Technology Professionals in Higher Education.

In the event of an emergency, smartphone users with My
e911 can dial 9-1-1 with confidence knowing their call and location
information will be routed to the proper public safety answering point
(PSAP) for fast response from police, fire and ambulance. At the same
time the 9-1-1 call is routed, My e911 notifies campus or corporate
security with a Google map pinpointing the exact location of the caller
to speed on-site emergency response. Smartphone users with My e911
also can set up personal emergency contacts to receive the same
notification in the event of a 9-1-1 call.

"Many colleges and enterprises have students and employees who
rely on smartphones for their communications and this creates a real
campus safety issue in the event of an emergency," says Nick Maier,
RedSky’s Senior Vice President. "My e911 helps campus security teams
manage emergency response to smartphone users who dial 9-1-1 when on

The downloadable My e911 application can be preconfigured
by college and enterprise IT or security organizations to make campus
security the default entity to be notified of all 9-1-1 calls. My
e911 can then be distributed to smartphone users via college or
corporate Web portals. An easy-to-use mobile Web interface helps
smartphone users create their personal emergency contact notification

My e911 captures "best available" location information
when a 9-1-1 call is placed using a priority hierarchy of GPS, then
WiFi, then cell towers. The application continues to poll for new
location information while the 9-1-1 call is underway to constantly
improve the precision of the location data. If the smartphone user is on
the campus WiFi network when placing an emergency call, My e911
communicates with RedSky’s E911 Manager to poll the WiFi network and
determine the precise location coordinates of the caller. The software
can continue to track callers who may be moving or running in an

My e911 is designed to be integrated into existing campus
or enterprise application delivery platforms and is compatible with the
leading smartphone operating systems including Apple iPhone, BlackBerry
and Google Android. When combined with E911 Manager and any of the
leading WiFi networks, My e911 becomes an important component of an
integrated location and security management strategy.


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