Patriot Memory announces Zephyr SSD

Patriot Memory announces its new storage device Zephyr.

Patriot Memory: Zephyr

Based on a memory controller and JMicron JM612 flash memory type MLC (Multi Level Cell, 3 bits per cell, 10 000 write cycles per cell), the storage device (SSD Solid State Drive) is a model 2.5 "internal, mainly intended for laptops, and servers so nettops.

It is equipped with an aluminum hull that guarantees a good impact resistance and good heat dissipation, has a SATA connection III and is available in three capacities 64, 128 and 256GB.

As for performance, he announced up to 80MB / s write speed and 240MB / s read speed with the 64 GB model Debits become a bit more interesting with the 128 and 256GB versions, which always indicate 240 MB / s read, but spend respectively 145 and 180 MB / s write.

As for tariffs, they remain as yet unknown. As the date of availability elsewhere.


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