Gateway updates DT series desktops

Service ability, manageability, security and productivity are the key words that helped Gateway developing its new Desktop PC series designed for medium-sized business and large corporations branch offices needs.

Developed with performance and multitasking in mind, the new Gateway DT series desktop PCs permit businesses to run effortlessly even the most resource-hungry applications, while getting business activities done faster.

With its solid performance, the Gateway DT series incorporates some of the most recent innovations in technology and design.

To improve configuration flexibility and empower the customer’s choice, Gateway offers a selection of Intel processors – either the new Intel Core i7, i5 and i3 for DT50 and DT70 models or Intel Core2 Quad for DT30 series – all allowing enhanced business productivity by speeding through multiple operations and processor-demanding tasks in challenging multitasking environments. The DT series can also handle all kinds of productivity and media-heavy applications thanks to up to 16GB of ultra-fast DDR3 system memory.

Plus, the new Intel Core i7, i5 and i3 processors can boost PC power while you are working, matching your speed requirements accordingly to your needs.

On all Gateway DT series, ample storage space is ensured by up to a 4×2 TB serial ATA II hard disks.

The new Gateway DT series is also highly energy efficient and packed with power-saving functions: it meets ENERGY STAR 5.0 requirements and is certified as "green product" by a variety of international standards that endorse its low energy consumption, helping to reduce both environmental impact and overhead costs.

The Gateway DS series received also the TCO’05 certification, the latest standard for desktop computers that marks environmental and ergonomic excellence guaranteeing extremely low energy consumption, low noise levels, low electric and magnetic fields and minimal usage of substances that are harmful to the environment.

All Gateway Desktop PCs come with 1-year on-site and 2-year spare parts warranties. Customers have the right to replace defective or malfunctioning products with an equivalent product for the entire period of the warranty.
Plus, thanks to the Gateway Plus warranty program, customers can increase equipment reliability and productivity with high-quality onsite and remote support by extending the limited warranties on Gateway desktops or desktops + LCD displays (when purchased together) for up to 3, 4, or 5 years.


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