Gateway introduced DS50 and DS70 desktop

The new Gateway DS series represents the compact office companion for today’s business needs bringing superior efficiency and enhanced manageability to the modern business environment.

Available in two models with different configurations, the new DS50 and DS70 Gateway desktop PCs, are perfect for tight spaces.

The casing design conveys a simple, efficient and highly professional feel. Rebuilt from the ground up, the internal mechanics are designed to improve maintenance and upgrades while the tool-less design of the case simplifies access to hardware and internal components and eases any maintenance operation.

Despite small form factor design, just one-third the size of a traditional desktop computer, the new Gateway DS series packs powerful features for an extraordinary computing performance, manageability and functionality.

Top-notch performance is ensured by the new Intel Core i7, i5 and i3 processors boosting PC power when needed. With an intelligent operation that accelerates in response to demanding tasks such as editing multimedia files, these processors match performance requirements accordingly. Allowing much faster multitasking the DS50 and DS70 Gateway PCs help you be more productive and get more tasks accomplished in less time. On top of it, up to 16 GB of DDR3 memory reduce power consumption while still ensuring peak performance.
Ample storage space is ensured by up to a 2TB serial ATA II hard disk.

The new Gateway DS series is also highly energy efficient and packed with power-saving functions: it meets ENERGY STAR 5.0 requirements and is certified as "green product" by a variety of international standards that endorse its low energy consumption, helping to reduce both environmental impact and overhead costs.

The Gateway DS series is among the few computers that received the TCO’05 certification, the latest standard for desktop computers that marks environmental and ergonomic excellence guaranteeing extremely low energy consumption, low noise levels, low electric and magnetic fields and minimal usage of substances that are harmful to the environment.

All Gateway Desktop PCs come with 1-year on-site and 2-year spare parts warranties. Customers have the right to replace defective or malfunctioning products with an equivalent product for the entire period of the warranty.
Plus, thanks to the Gateway Plus warranty program, customers can increase equipment reliability and productivity with high-quality onsite and remote support by extending the limited warranties on Gateway desktops or desktops + LCD displays (when purchased together) for up to 3, 4, or 5 years.


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