Motorola Announced Airwave Supply with TETRA System

Airwave to receive advanced eTETRA capability to support its emergency services customers.

The Enterprise Mobility Solutions business of Motorola Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today announced that it will supply Airwave with an eTETRA dual-band solution providing additional capacity to emergency services in the UK.

The upgrade to Airwave’s core emergency services network was instigated to ensure the operational needs of police and other emergency services are met.

The unique, cost-effective eTETRA solution, the first of its kind available on the market, allows users to expand network capacity if they have access to additional spectrum in neighbouring bands, and makes use of wideband TETRA terminals already deployed in the field. Airwave will support emergency services personnel requiring fast, effective and secure communication in the event of major incidents as well as maintaining secure, uncompromised day-to-day operational activities.

“Fast, secure communication between police, fire and ambulance services is imperative in providing a coordinated response to any incident and helping to safeguard the public throughout what will be an exciting year of activity across the UK,” said Richard Bobbett, chief executive officer of Airwave. “Our long relationship with Motorola and track record of deploying solutions in the most demanding of situations gives us the confidence that we will provide a thoroughly tested and resilient network that meets the demands of our customers.”

The intelligent-designed eTETRA base stations are built on Motorola’s state-of-the-art MTS IP base station platform and support the latest advancements in technology such as TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS). The additional capacity provides significant benefits for users in terms of voice and data performance and further advancements in reliability. The technology is also future proofed so that IP network capacity expansions and upgrades can easily leverage the latest high-performance next-generation transmission platforms available.

“This significant and demanding project demonstrates the continued trust our customers place in our TETRA networks for mission-critical communications, and it is Motorola’s innovation in both infrastructure and terminal TETRA technology that has made this solution possible,” says Manuel Torres, corporate vice president and general manager, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Motorola, EMEA. “Our eTETRA solution demonstrates not only that the technology is continuously evolving in response to ever changing public safety customer needs and challenges but also that Motorola is future proofing technology through the ability to leverage the wideband capability within our existing terminals deployed in the field for use in the eTETRA solution.”

New capacity management techniques such as TETRA’s Common Secondary Control Channel functionality will also form part of the solution for Airwave and complement the use of the added capacity provided through eTETRA, enabling Airwave customers to support increasingly higher and denser user and application deployments in their networks.



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