VideoUpLink released for Mac OS 10.5

VideoUpLink for Mac OS 10.5, an application designed to make video on your Facebook page just a drag and drop away, is now available. "Uploading video with a web browser is fraught with discouraging inconveniences", developer Mark Morris reflects. "Inaccurate or no progress bar, frequent time outs, or bulky web page ‘loaders’ crashing regularly are all part of the landscape right now". VideoUpLink corrects this by using native subsystems for improved speed and walk-away reliability of uploading.

VideoUpLink employs Facebook Connect for a clean, single window login experience. Facebook Connect allows Facebook’s millions of users to login and easily share movies with their friends using their Facebook username and password. Using Facebook Connect enables persistent sessions – return to VideoUpLink and it will check your login status, so you will not have to log in each time you open the application. After a Facebook video upload you can log out at any time.

VideoUpLink features a large table view for dropping movies onto. Users can drag movies from iPhoto, Media Browser or the Finder. Each movie can be given its own title and description within the table before uploading. These titles and descriptions will then appear on your Facebook page after the video has been processed. VideoUpLink is the first application to do this, creating the category of social network utility asset management.


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