Latest Release of Kount Complete Propels Fraud Control Technology Forward

Kount Inc. today released the
next version of its powerful card-not-present (CNP) fraud control
technology–Kount v4.1.

Recognized by the industry for its ability to identify, track and
defeat fraudulent orders that typically go undetected, Kount Complete is
an end-to-end SaaS solution proven to greatly reduce lost sales and
costly charge-back fees and fines associated with fraud.

Turning the heads of customers and competitors alike, Kount’s latest
offering has several new features and benefits that further improve
merchants’ ability to track and reduce fraud.

"The pace at which Kount continues to expand and enhance its fraud
prevention service is unmatched," said Mike Duffy, president of Chase
Paymentech. Chase Paymentech and Kount recently jointly announced an
agreement to offer a comprehensive suite of fraud detection, management
and prevention tools for merchants, scheduled to launch later this year.

Kount v4.1 includes these new features:

— Custom Scoring – Gives merchants the ability design and manage a real time ‘customized score’ that will support their unique transaction risk policies.
— Upgraded Rule Engine – New rule editor allows merchants to create and manage an unlimited number of custom rules using single or multiple order parameters.
— User-Defined Fields – Allows merchants to create up to 99 user-defined fields and apply special business rules to them.
— U.S. and International Address Verification – Merchants can now receive instant, on-demand data from Lexis Nexis, TARGUSInfo and to validate shipping addresses and phone numbers.
— Auto Agent – Allows merchants to automatically "call out" to external data sources when specific rules have been triggered, which improves efficiency and reduces manual processes
for fraud investigators.

Kount Chief Operating Officer Steven Rouse said development of Kount
v4.1 focused on giving merchants increased ability to predict fraud and
stay ahead of it.

"Kount v4.1 gives merchants an even more powerful combination of
tools and information needed to manage fraud efficiently, accurately
and, as a result, effectively."

Rouse said Kount will provide software development kits to existing
clients, according to their respective developer languages, to help aid
with v4.1 integration. For more information or assistance, customers are
encouraged to call Kelly Reynolds, Kount Director of Merchant Services
at 208-489-3336.


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