Microsoft to release Halo Reach Limited Collector’s Edition and Legendary Edition

This is not an issue but three that you provide for the release of Microsoft Halo Reach. The program includes a standard edition, a limited and legendary.

One of the biggest games expected this year, Halo Reach, will no doubt delight collectors. Upon its release, the game will be available in Limited Collector’s Edition and Legendary Edition, each filled with exclusive content and anecdotes on the title and the Halo series. For the less enthusiastic, a standard edition will also be part of.

The legendary edition reveals more impressive with his figure of 4 kg and 25 cm high, representing the Noble team. Undoubtedly, this edition will be most appreciated by fans, especially since this statuette will be produced in limited quantities.

In addition to the game and manual, Limited Collector’s Edition contains:

  • A cover for the game disc in the form of black box ONI
  • Exclusive Elite armor for use in multiplayer modes
  • A bag containing the diary of Dr. Halsey and other confidential documents revealing hitherto well-guarded secrets of the universe, "Halo".

In addition to the game, manual and all the contents of the Limited Collector’s Edition, the Legendary Edition includes:

  • The statue of the Noble team, carried out by the skilled hands of craftsmen from McFarlane Toys. Molded, painted by hand and individually numbered, this statue is a must-have for any fan of "Halo" respectable.
  • A box with the colors of the UNSC
  • An exclusive Spartan armor for multiplayer.

The Standard Edition of Halo Reach will be available at estimated average price of 65 € and the Limited Collector’s and Legendary editions will be respectively 80 € and 130 €.


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