Batman Arkham Asylum 2 postponed to 2011

Another game and another expected postponement of the second part of Batman Arkham Asylum. It will probably wait a little longer to find out.

While the title of Rocksteady should be received this year, he might fault wait a little longer to get back into the world of Batman. The rumor, it still says in effect that the title should now return to us next year, in 2011. Originally scheduled for Christmas, Batman Arkham Asylum 2 should not be under the pines if Warner Interactive had to confirm the information.

Reason given to justify the postponement: the too many apps for this period. Warner would prefer a quieter period with less competition where the publisher could ensure a fair share of sales. If this decision could guarantee us a game as well as worked and led the first Batman Arkham Asylum , then we do not see any disadvantages.


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